Spells that change your Life

Great Spells caster

Spells that change your Life

When you think of changing your life its very important to consider spells. Baba Ishivu casts spells that will change your life in ways that you desire and these spells grant you control on how long you want them to last. they have no side effects and they don’t backfire. This is because of the experience  I have. the clients have worked for who appreciate the services have done for them and also come back to cast more spells from all over the world because my spells don’t have boundaries.

List of some of the spells you can cast with Baba Ishivu

1 Protection Chant

 2 Protection Spell

3 A Purification Spell

4 Spell For Beauty

 5 Attraction Spell

6 For Driving Away Evil

7 To Break A Curse

8 Spell For Success

9 Spell For A Safe Return

10 To Be Revenged On One Who Has Done You Harm

11 A Spell Of Protection

 12 Purification Ritual

 13 Money Spell

14 The Bottle Spell

15 Prosperity Spell

16 Nightmare Spells

17 Three Times Three Spell

18 To Bind A Trouble Maker

19 To Gain Prophecies

 20 Money Spell Bottle

21 Vexation Box

22 Glamour Spell

23 Spell to Restore Peace to an Unhappy Home

24 Good Luck Spell

25 Love Doll To Win Your Love

26 Full Moon Wishing Spell

27 To Make Your Partner More Passionate In Bed

28 To Start A Passionate Affair With The Person’s Desire

29 Lost and Found Spell

30 Balabala’s Love Spell

 31 Basil & Cinnamon Love Talisman

32 Bring Back my Love Spell

33 Bring Someone Close Spell

34 To Protect An Object

35 Eye Color Change Spell

Those are just some of the spell I cast but you can contact me to know more about the spells I cast which also comes with palm reading and Tarot cards