Baba Ishivu Super Spell Caster

Have mastered the art of spells casting not just by the fact that have travelled the world seeking the unsolved answers to the questions. And solutions to the which no man has all of them and  committed my life to this journey to be the master of spirit connections with the humans to enable solving problems that are on the face of this earth like Love  but also am the perfect specimen for the job because  was chosen by the ancestors to inherit the lord of spells who had lived for 126 years and he was a living spell because he had thousands of spells in his head which until now am still getting from him and his body is one of the things i use for high level spells that don’t have reversal but done for people who have made up their mind for the request they make.


Love Spells

Love magic: have you found your soul mate but he / she does not feel the same? Are there no obvious or apparent reasons as to why you are not together?


Do you suspect that you have been cursed or that you are a victim of black magic? Are you being followed by bad luck and misfortune over and over again?

Gay Lesbian spells

Love has no boundaries and sometimes people love and they are not sure on how to express themselves trust you me the gay lesbian spells will sort you out.

Palm Reading

Your destiny belongs to you and lies in your hands and you can find out through the reading

Cleansing Spells

Get rid of all the bad karma and energies by using the cleansing spell to be reborn pure and clean

Voodoo Love spells

Back Lost Love

Put an end to the Misery and stop just remembering the memories with your lover and cast the back lost lover spell to be happy and again

Baba Ishivu world’s Great Native Spells Caster

Spells are discrete magical effects. A single shaping of the magical energies that suffuse the multiverse into a specific, limited or unlimited expression.  In casting a spell, a character carefully plucks at the invisible strands of raw magic suffusing the world, pins them in place in a particular pattern, sets them vibrating in a specific way, and then releases them to unleash the desired effect–in most cases, all in the span of seconds.

Every person in his or her own way has the power to create or change something by will of speech and materials that will lead to a desired change which is called a spell but all this to happen one needs a level of commitment in the action of dong a spell. Spells can be used for different reasons in this world for example bringing back a lost lover who has been long gone or split for reasons of selfishness or cheating to get them come back with absolute control of the person who cast the spell on them and this has also its procedure and always ensure no backfires and defects when the spell is cast to that person.  Also use spells to bind lovers so that there love can flourish like when they first met and keep it that way until the person casting the spells chooses otherwise

Magic & Voodoo Tools

Magic and voodoo tools used in Spells can be versatile tools, weapons, or protective wards. They can deal damage or undo it, impose or remove conditions, drain life energy away, and restore life to the dead.

Uncounted thousands of spells have been created over the course of the multiverse’s history, and many of them are long forgotten. Some might yet lie recorded in crumbling spellbooks hidden in ancient ruins or trapped in the minds of dead gods. Or they might someday be reinvented by a character who has amassed enough power and wisdom to do so.

Have committed my life traveling the world with the powers that my ancestors entrusted me with to solve problems that they solved then and have solved now with guaranteed results from my fore fathers who cast spells in for people who travelled to us and the one we travelled to cast them the spells which changed their lives. Fixed  games. Changed fate of these sports teams. Brought back lost lovers. Won them court cases. Won power balls and lotteries. Got marred among some of the spells that were cast that always remain a private conversation when you contact me.


Known and Prepared Spells

Before I can use a spell, i must have the spell firmly fixed in mind, or must have access to the spell in a magic item. Members of a few classes, including bards and sorcerers, have a limited list of spells they know that are always fixed in mind. The same thing is true of many magic-using monsters. Other spell casters, such as clerics and wizards, undergo a process of preparing spells. This process varies for different classes, as detailed in their descriptions.

In every case, the number of spells a caster can have fixed in mind at any given time depends on the character’s level. Have gone up in the ranks and have fixed a number of spells for the different reasons and that are desired to solve the problem. Contacting me would be the deal choice for you and tell me about your problems so that i can prescribe for you the perfect spell to solve your problem in a very short time.


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