Love Spells

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Love Spells

Many people’s first thought in this context is of love spells – ways of making another person find them sexually attractive and desirable. In theory, love spells are unconditional and this type is entirely unselfish and free from self-interest.

However, most of the time they obviously cannot be so, unless they are performed by a third party, someone outside the longed-for relationship who is totally dispassionate.

To influence someone else directly. Anyone who wishes to experiment with love spells needs to be aware that such spells come under the category of bidding spells and therefore must be used carefully. Love spells are often accompanied by gifts or love philtres, which are also meant to have an effect on the recipient.
Bidding spells.
These are spells where I command a particular thing to happen, but without the co-operation of those involved directly but with their images names date of birth and other personal related items and I cast the spell on there behalf.

To make someone do something which goes against their natural inclination, obviously requires a great deal of power and energy. For this reason, it is wise to preface such spells with words to signify that the outcome will only be in accord with the greater good –that is, that in the overall scheme of things no one will be harmed in any way whatsoever.
This ensures that the intent behind the spell is of the purest and that there is not any maliciousness within the practitioner.  

One type of bidding spell that is allowable is when a curse or ‘hex’ is being removed. A hex is a spell that ill-wishes someone and in many cases binds the recipient in some way. A curse is a spell with a much more generalized effect. To remove such a negative spell, it is usual to turn it around and send the malign energy back to the person who summoned it in the first place. I  simply command the energy to return from whence it came.
These might be counted either as prayers or spells and need a passionate concentration on bringing, for instance, peace of mind or healing to the recipient. They hold no danger for the practitioner, they tend to be more general than other types of magical work.

They may be thought of in terms of a positive energy from beyond the practitioner, being channeled towards a specific purpose. Saying grace before a meal is a form of blessing preceded by an offer of praise and a prayer of thankfulness, an acknowledgement of a gift.

The food is enhanced by the act and the blessing is given by drawing on the power vested me. Thus I will call on the nature gods whereas another might call on the power of Jesus Christ.  

Love Spells That Will Change your Life

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