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All the rings and all the tools in the shop are being sold and they all have different prices according to its specifications but i also reinforce powers and spells to your old rings that are not effective anymore. some of the rings are not displayed below because of the strict rituals they are attached with to the public eye of what they can do and also not to lose their powers because they posses great powers to solve several problems at the same time. They also have powers to stop death cast through a spell

King Solomon Rings

The king solomon ring has great powers from controlling Jinns but also to earn you wealth just like the forefathers used it to control humans.

Protection Rings

So many evils around your space even without your knowledge and people will want to attack you whether you've done anything right or wrong. someone will attack you.This ring will protect you at all times.

Voodoo Dolls

Custom voodoo dolls to bring back your lover, control your relationship, make decisions for your relationship, i custom make them and they are delivered to the clients.

Great rhino burton

Its the ultimate child giver because with my spell put on the rhino horn it breaks the barren women change the sex of the children you give birth and also grant you twins.

Voodoo rings

Wealth Rings

This is one of the commonest rings most rich people have in possession and a big number of them its not worn on the finger but put on a silver necklace to hang by the neck where ts not visible to all.

Attraction Rings

The attraction ring doesn't just work in attracting money but it also attracts human beings for emotional satisfaction and for those who want multiple partners this is the ring for you.

Candle magic love spells.

Spells candles

Special candles are made for you depending on the spell you are casting also other essence that come with it for a perfect spell casting to get your spouse back in a split of a second.

Love Portons

I have different levels of love portions which are recommended for short and long term usage in the spells casting.

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