Revenge Spells

What is a revenge spell?

A revenge spell is any magical spell that causes harm to someone who deserves it. It’s a kind of black magic or dark magic that uses the powers of spellcasting to hurt someone else.

There are hexes and curses. They can make someone get sick or even die. They can cause someone’s relationship or career to fall apart. Finally, they can also cause someone physical pain or incessant nightmares.

Voodoo revenge spells are the most well known. You’ve probably heard of the voodoo doll. Well, the doll itself is just a simulacrum or a representation of the person you are casting a spell on. But what you do with it is what’s important, so you can imagine that method opens up a lot of possibilities on how to hurt someone for revenge.

Revenge spells

There are many, many different kinds of revenge spells. Think about what the person did to you and then ask yourself what you think they deserve.

Love revenge spells

Did someone you love cheat on you with someone else? Well,  Love revenge spells are actually some of the most common revenge spells out there because it is so common for people to suffer heartbreak and deception. And unless you’re married, they’re not breaking the law, so who is going to defend you?

Well, don’t despair. There are even free revenge spells for cheaters out there. Nobody deserves to treat someone like garbage and then go on with their happy life as if nothing happened. When karma has left you unfairly treated and you just can’t stand it anymore, a powerful revenge spell can set the scales of justice back in balance.

Curses and spells for revenge against enemies

There are also lots of other kinds of revenge spells, like curses and spells for revenge against enemies. These are black magic revenge spells that can cause your enemies great harm, even death. Sometimes, when there is someone truly evil out there who is harming those around him and will never be caught, a powerful black magic revenge spell is in order.  

Black magic revenge spells

Black magic is any magic that has the intention of harming someone else for your own personal gain. Whether it is binding them to keep them away from you (even if they deserve it!), reflecting something bad that someone did back at them, hexing or cursing, these are all forms of magic that fall into the same category.

Do revenge spells actually work?

Witches have been using magic to seek revenge for centuries. The voodoo revenge spells you hear about actually come from an ancient Eastern African tradition of witchcraft or shamanistic practice called vodun. Some scholars estimate these practices to be over 10,000 years old!

If these revenge spells never worked, why would people still be using them? It’s pretty clear that revenge spells can cause great harm and that curses and hexes are real. There are a lot of people seeking out help to break curses or remove hexes that have been cast on them. So, if we know they are real and they really do work, then what’s the next step?

What are the most powerful revenge spells?

Warning: Casting your own revenge spell can be extremely dangerous. We recommend that you consult a professional spell expert who can cast your revenge spell safely.

Want to try your luck casting revenge spells? We don’t recommend it, but if you’re determined to try, here’s one for you. Here’s a step by step outline of how to do a revenge spell. It’s one of the millions of revenge spells for beginners out there.

Even simple revenge spells can be powerful, so make sure this is what you want! All you have to do is wait for the moon to go into its waning phase. This is one of those fast revenge spell that will take effect instantly.

Dark Moon Revenge Spell

A common way to cast spells is with the use of candle magic. This spell is performed on the new moon when the banishing energy is strongest. if the new moon happens to fall on a Saturday, even better! It will be more powerful.

Reflect and Revenge Spell

Mirrors can return the energy that someone has sent to you, whether positive or negative. What’s more is that they are safer than curses or hexes. 


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