Voodoo love spells in Trinidad and Tobago

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Voodoo love spells

Love Spells
Love spells frequently play a part in the coming together of the future bride
and groom. They include spells to discover who loves whom, spells to encourage a shy lover, spells to draw a lover, and spells to get rid of an unwanted lover. And love magic does not end with a marriage. There are spells for keeping a spouse faithful, spells for bringing children, spells for family harmony, and spells to heal a rift. Baba Ishivu love spells use a variety of potions, talismans, amulets, and charms.
Finding a Prospective Mate
There are several ways to find out who or what type of person you will marry.
One spell from the old days of jallin’ a drom, or “traveling the road” calls for the woman to take the seeds of an apple she has eaten and mix them into some dampened earth taken from under where her vardo or bender stood the previous night. She then spreads the earth and seeds in the middle of a
crossroads. If a man is the first to pass over the seeds, she will marry a young bachelor. If a woman is the first to pass, she will marry an older man, one who may have been married before.
Another spell for determining your prospective mate calls for you to obtain an apple from a widow without thanking her for it. Eat half of the apple before midnight and the other half after midnight. You will then dream of your future spouse.
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