How do you put roots on someone?

How do you put roots on someone?
doing roots To put a curse on someone. To cause a person supernatural harm or bad luck.
Do you feel like your your husband or wife might be having someone stocking her or him. Yes it’s possible someone can put a spell on your spouse and you don’t want that to be happening to the one you love.
Putting roots on your spouse has so many benefits that will save you from the stress but bring good luck in your relationship.
Putting roots on someone requires obtaining a personal item from the person and working the spell with the specific items needed to achieve the desired result. Herbs, candles and incense are standard items used when putting roots on someone. A spell may be completed in less than an hour or in up to nine days using traditional methods.

Have put roots using my spells to so many people and to keep it personal and private I don’t mention names but the States in the USA where I have done spells on both on my travels there on request of the client or casting the spells in my temple .North Carolina, Lousiania, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.”
Note roots are not a myth and you wouldn’t let it pass because it has been used for thousands of years before you and I were born but it wasn’t mistake when I was chosen by my ancestors to take on the job my ancestors have been doing for a very long time with guaranteed results everytime we cast these roots spells for people in person and through my temple.

How to Put Roots on Someone

Obtain a personal item
Hair, fingernail clippings or a worn, unwashed article of clothing used to put roots on someone. Depending on the intention, specific items, such as an unwashed sock worn by the person, may be required to complete the spell.

Work the spell
Herbs or other items may be necessary to put roots on someone, depending on the nature of the spell and its intention. For instance, rose petals are often used in love spells, while graveyard dirt or poppy seeds can be used to curse someone. I Perform the work during the appropriate moon phase.

Dispose of the materials used
Some spells require me to place the items in the person’s home, while others require burying any materials used in working the spell. Dispose of the items used as described in the specific working. Burying the items at a crossroads is generally acceptable method of disposal for most spells.